Sardine Packages

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This is the project I’ve been most exited about so far this Fall. I’m taking another Junior Illustration class, and our professor, Alain Corbel, had us design a series of five sardine tin packages. I would never eat sardines, but I had a hell of a good time making these.

I was inspired to work this way after seeing Vik Muniz’ documentary “Waste Land” over the summer. Its great, you should watch it. I have never done found object collages before, but I loved it. I should clarify that, with the exception of the leafy sardine, by “found object” I actually mean “stuff I had collected over the years just in case it would come in handy one day.” Well it did come in handy, finally!

Here are the five  “found object” sardines I created for my project, by themselves:


Illustration Concepts I: Graphic Short, Short Story

The guidelines for the final project were: 3-5 pages, 3 characters, black and white, multi-panel, traditional (non-digital) approach, with a theme of “Why am I here?”

The gallery allows you to click through the pages, but may be hard to read, so for larger & clearer versions, here are the links:
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Page 5

Wyeth Sketches

A couple days ago the class took a day trip up to Chadds Ford, PA to visit the Brandywine River Museum which exhibits works by the Wyeth family (N.C., Andrew, and Jamie being the most well-known), as well as other illustrators. It’s a great museum, but I definitely need to go back and spend more time there.

While I was there, I also took a tour of the Wyeth house and N.C. Wyeth’s studio. It was kind of cool seeing the house, but N.C.’s studio is AMAZING. Gigantic, gorgeous, north-facing windows, huge rooms, tons of props he used for his illustrations. The last paint palette he ever used is still sitting in there with paint on it, next to the last painting he was working on.

For the class we were supposed to do 3 sketches of works we saw while we were there. I didn’t have time to finish three; spent too much time on the first two and on the house/studio tour, but here’s what I got done:

Sketch of Andrew Wyeth’s “Night Shadow”:

Sketch of Andrew Wyeth’s “Anna Christina”:

…the Wyeth artists are all great, but Andrew’s definitely my favorite. I hope to go back there this summer and do more sketching. Less than a 2 hour drive from Baltimore!

Spring 2011 – Etc.

Painting based on a song. This was pretty much the only finished/non-sketchbook work I did “for myself” during the semester.