Sardine Packages

(click for larger versions)

This is the project I’ve been most exited about so far this Fall. I’m taking another Junior Illustration class, and our professor, Alain Corbel, had us design a series of five sardine tin packages. I would never eat sardines, but I had a hell of a good time making these.

I was inspired to work this way after seeing Vik Muniz’ documentary “Waste Land” over the summer. Its great, you should watch it. I have never done found object collages before, but I loved it. I should clarify that, with the exception of the leafy sardine, by “found object” I actually mean “stuff I had collected over the years just in case it would come in handy one day.” Well it did come in handy, finally!

Here are the five  “found object” sardines I created for my project, by themselves:


2 responses to “Sardine Packages

  1. Bellwether Today

    These are SOOO awesome! The sardines are great and so is the work for the back of the package. Simplesmente fantástico! Besides, I love sardines. Omega-3, no mercury, not endangered, tasty, etc.

  2. This is so cool, sculptural and playful-especially for those of us who collect stuff… it all falls into place when you need a certain image!

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